The UK’s Most Popular Interior Trends Right Now

The UK’s Most Popular Interior Trends Right Now

The UK’s Most Popular Interior Trends Right Now

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Colour Pop

Colour pop has been around for a long time, but can still give a very modern feel to a home. Set to a backdrop of neutral colours like greys and beiges, colour pop is where you choose one or a number of bright colours to bring your home to life. Think mid-grey walls, furniture and soft furnishings, perhaps with oak flooring, then throw in bright turquoise cushions, a pink pouf and even a wonderful yellow angel chair. Anything goes really! Stick to one pop of colour or throw in the whole rainbow.


The rustic design trend highlights natural materials and there are no straight lines in sight! Think old asymmetrical beams, exposing a cottage back to its original features, quirky coves and wonky old walls. Think stone fireplaces, ski chalets, antlers on the wall and warm throws everywhere. A fine wingback chair is the perfect accompaniment to this look.

Shabby Chic

A pretty eclectic style, shabby chic was first introduced about 20 years ago, but shows no sign of waning in popularity. Think refurbished antique furniture, vintage florals, distressed furniture, chalk paint and chandeliers. Colour themes can be shades of pastels or dark and bold like teal, midnight blue and army grey.


A longstanding minimalist style, Scandinavian décor has been popular for some years now. Paired back and functional, the look tends to feature modern furniture combined with blends of textures and soft hues. The look can actually be very warm and cosy, often including sheepskin rugs, thick throws and chunky cushions. Whites, off whites and blues tend to be the main colour palettes incorporated and rooms use spacious and natural lighting. Natural materials feature heavy in this interior trend.

Luxury Lover

Opulent and luxurious, this is a massively on trend look. Visualise touches of copper, gold and brass feature on lighting, mirrors and accessories. Dark walls either painted or wallpapered, some walls may even feature panelling. Decadent and dramatic!


Bohemian homes can often be a bit eclectic too, but often includes items picked up when travelling, vintage furniture, globally inspired textiles and rugs. Colour palates tend to be brighter, with rust reds, bright blues and earthy tones. Floors pillows and comfortable seating as a must, as well as a well-worn rug and lots of travel inspired art.

English Country Garden

Timeless and traditional, this look is not for a minimalist and patterned fabrics are a must. Think four poster beds, old fireplaces and country kitchens. Grand, but comfortable. A huge old wooden table should feature in the heart of the kitchen for this look and beautiful vintage look furniture. Tweed, floral and also tartan fabrics look beautiful. Art, ornaments, lamps, side tables and piles of books should all feature freely to bring this look together.


This is another look where the foundations of the building are proudly displayed. A kind of raw and unfinished feel should be present and this design idea works well in loft apartments, in old converted factories and commercial spaces. Think stainless steel surfaces, bare brickwork and metal light fittings. These days you can also by brick look wallpaper in many different colours and designs, so the look has become much more accessible to all. Repurposing items from the industry era (or even just ones that look like they are!) is also a popular element of this style – reusing old beams, vintage sewing machines and old barrels. It is an edgier look, but has become increasingly popular.


Another trend that has recently become very popular, the botanical look features huge floral and leaf prints. It can look really elegant and delicate, whilst still being extremely modern. Floral prints can be used on soft furnishings like chairs, sofas, cushions and curtains. Wallpapers are another great way to bring in this look and you can go subtle or bold with colours and patterns. The botanical greens look gorgeous with dusky pinks accents incorporated through the room too – and in fact these combinations are very on-trend right now.

When it comes to decorating your home, taste is a very personal thing. You can choose one style for your entire home or choose complimentary styles and themes to flow through your home. There is no rule that says you cannot mix things up a bit!


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