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The Urban Room CAD Model – Learning New Modelling Skills

This is my CAD model for the Urban Room that I have produced using Vectorworks. I had to learn some new modelling skills for this, especially for the structure made up entirely of cylinders on their side. I also learned how to make 3D text and to curve it vertically around a curved wall. Additionally; I have experimented more with the lighting features than I have previously and I think this is one of the best rendered CAD models that I have produced.

I am very pleased with it and I think that it shows my design and concept very well. Although initially a bit apprehensive about using circles and cylinders in my design, I think that it has worked out really well.

I will be using my model to take visuals by combining Vectorworks with Photoshop. A post of the visuals will follow soon. I also have a 1:20 physical model that I will post photographs of soon, I have all of it built, I just need to glue it to a board.

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