Top 10 Tips on How to Present your Dissertation

Top 10 Dissertation Presentation Tips

Now that I have submitted my dissertation. These are some tips that I found very useful for presenting my dissertation. If you follow these tips, you will have a very well presented dissertation document. As designers, this is very important.

1. Do Not try to put too much on one page

If you put too much on a page, it looks very cramped and as designers we should be able to lay out a page nicely. Also it gives you a thicker dissertation when printed.

2. Use 1.5 or Double line spacing

Allows you to avoid cramming the page unnecessarily. And I probably shouldn’t say it, but it makes your dissertation look longer.

3. Use 3cm on all margins

This makes the presentation look neat if the margins are the same all the way around.

4. Leave a blank line in between paragraphs

This is the obvious one, I’m sure we all do this already. No one want to read one continuous page of text and it looks terrible.

5. Number all of your pages

I chose bottom margin centrally aligned. I would advise either central, left or right aligned in the bottom margin is the best place for the page number.

6. Check your spelling and punctuation

It doesn’t take long, so don’t risk a mistake in your dissertation. It might also help to read through it yourself to double check and even get it proof read by a family member or friend.

7. Use the font stated by your course

The BA Interior Design regulation font at the University of Northampton is Helvetica unless otherwise advised.

8. Use relevant Headings and Sub Headings

Headings and sub headings will help you organise your work more efficiently and improve the overall presentation of your dissertation. For my dissertation, the major headings need to be in uppercase bold and the sub headings need to be in title case bold.

9. Arrange your dissertation for it to be bound (eventually)

This depends on your university. On submission, I do not have to print my dissertation, I do this afterwards for presentation purposes. I plan on leather binding mine, but acceptable bindings also include spiral or slide binding.

10. Create a distinctive cover page

As I am doing a creative degree, I need a visually engaging cover page to include an image or images. Additionally; the standard requirements for the cover page state that it should show a title, a sub title, name and year of study.

I really hope that these top 10 tips help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I’ll aim to reply to you ASAP.

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