Top Books for Interior Design (Students) and Where to Buy Them

As you might have guessed, every student has a reading list and the book suggestions on that reading list keep coming. It is important for an interior design student to look at lots of reference books to get an idea for how things should be done and these books will be just as useful when you go to work in the interior design industry.

When I can, I prefer to buy my books so that I can keep them, knowing that I will always have a copy for reference if I need it. Although I would consider myself to not be as spending as much money as the average student, I like to get a bargain when it comes to books. Occasionally I will buy new if they are on sale, but usually I buy second hand like new or very good condition books from Ebay or Amazon. I get some very cheap deals and they all look new anyway.

Important Books that I have bought:

These are some of the books that I have bought and I would definitely recommend most of them.

  • Interior Design Visual Presentation – Maureen Mitton
  • Drawing for Interior Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Construction and Detailing for Interior Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Sustainability in Interior Design – Sian Maxon
  • Detail in Contemporary Hotel Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Very Small Cafes and Restaurants – John Stones
  • Visual Merchandising – Tony Morgan
  • Very Small Shops – John Stones
  • Materials for Architectural Design 2 – Victoria Ballard Bell
  • XS Big Ideas Small Buildings Red – Phyllis Richardson
  • XS Big Ideas Small Buildings Green – Phyllis Richardson
  • Spatial Strategies for Interior Design – Ian Higgins
  • Collidoscope New Interior Design – Nigel Coates

Other books that I have bought which are useful:

  • Mr and Mrs Smith – Boutique Hotel Collection
  • Nordic Interior Design – Braun
  • Water Enjoyment – David Haines
  • New Sustainable Homes – James Grayson Trulove
  • The World of Charles and Ray Eames – Abrams
  • Charles and Ray Eames – Gloria Koenig
  • Sustainable Environments – Yenna Chan

(Some of these like the Eames were specialised as I wrote a report on them, however I would recommend the books as the Eames have influenced modern interior design and are still popular.

Additionally, I would recommend:

  • Lighting for Interior Design – Malcolm Innes
  • Detail in Contemporary Bar and Restaurant Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Detail in Contemporary Retail Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Detail in Contemporary Office Design – Drew Plunkett
  • Detail in Contemporary Lighting Design – Jill Entwistle
  • Micro: Very Small Buildings – Ruth Slavid
  • Re-readings – Sally Stone

(I will be buying these for next year, maybe as a Birthday present to myself this month).

The best websites to buy interior design books from:

Lucky for you, if you are thinking of studying interior design, here’s a head start on your reading list and where to buy your books from.

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  1. Anthony Sully

    May I recommend my own two books:
    Interior Design: Theory and Process -

    Interior Design: Conceptual Basis -

    1. Antonia Lowe

      These look great, thank you for recommending them.

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