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Town Hall Hotel – London

These are some photographs that I took at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green, London. We visited because we are currently doing a project to design the interior of a Boutique Hotel in Northampton. This is obviously on a much larger scale, however is very inspirational when designing a smaller space.

It originally opened as a town hall in 1910 and reflected a new found wealth and confidence in the borough. It is now a 5* hotel that mixes luxury modern design with art deco and period features.

I think one of my favourite spaces is the swimming pool because I like the modern look of it and the use of minimal colour. There is an illusion of a curved bottom to the pool, but it is actually completely flat. I also like the window above the pool to let light in and I think it would be lovely to swim in the evening.

More posts will follow, the next being the hotel rooms, then the restaurant space and then some details within the Town Hall Hotel.

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