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Tverrfjellhytta – Snohetta

This is the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion on the edge of Dovrefjell National Park in Norway overlooking the Snowhetta Mountain. The building is 90m square and is open to the public to serve as a wild reindeer observation pavilion 1200m above sea level. The concept was formed from the unique natural, cultural and mythical landscape. The building itself is made up of a rigid outer shell and a more organic interior. The South facing wall creates a warm and protected gathering place to observe the wild reindeer.

A large emphasis is put on the high quality and durability of the materials due to the harsh climate. The rectangular frame is constructed using raw steel to resemble the iron found in the local bedrock. The simple form and the choice and use of materials resembles and reflects local building traditions. However, advanced technology has been used both in the design and the fabrication of the building. The organic shape was created by Norwegian ship builders using 10 inch square pine timber beams.

My favourite aspects of the design are firstly the location is beautiful with amazing views over the national park. I like the way that the materials have been used together, the wood and the glass. I think that the organic shape for seating is really creative and natural and allows visitors to look out onto the vast landscape through a giant glass wall while being kept warm by an open fire.

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