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V-Lodge – Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

All of the beautiful locations seem to be in Scandinavia. This is the V-Lodge located in Al, Norway in the mountains above the village amongst the winter ski tracks and the summer hiking tracks. It holds a family of around 5-6 and is designed around accommodating changes in family composition and the mix of generations for future years. The ambition of the project was to adapt to the existing topography and natural surroundings.

The form, program and materials of the lodge are characterised by the simplicity and restraint of its design and fabrication. The building consists of two main bodies that unite together to form a V shaped plan including a south facing glazed wall at its chamfered intersection to maximise sunlight. One branch of the lodge includes an entrance hall and a combined dining, kitchen and living area. The other branch consists of three bedrooms, a bathroom and a youth area. The exterior of the lodge is completely clad in pre-patinated heart pine that provides a skin that allows the lodge to fit into its surroundings.

The interior has been kept relatively simple finished with bare plywood sheets with the fittings and fixtures adding the detail. The fireplace is made from cast concrete and there are huge glass walls to look out into the mountains. I love the rawness of the interior design through the materials and it’s very beautiful in the snow.

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