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What is the Urban Room and the Urban Room in Northampton?

“Every town and city without an architecture and built environment centre should have an “urban room” where the past, present and future of that place can be inspected.”

The Urban Room is a place where people from the general public can have an opportunity to engage with places which they inhabit in a public and consultative way.

What should be in an Urban Room?

The Urban Room as a “place space” should have either a physical or virtual model of the town or city, it should be produced in collaboration with the local Universities or Colleges, and ideally they need to be branded with the name of the place that they are in (such as Northampton).

The Urban Room coming to Northampton…

The Urban Room is a project that is lead by the Collaborative Centre for the Built Environment which is based at the University of Northampton.

For the purposes of the project, Northampton Urban Room needs to address all of the above in providing the public with an exhibition space, a learning space, a community space while exploring the past, looking at the present and planning for the future.

I will be designing a pop up exhibition that is free standing, transportable, lockable, adaptable and shows graphic information relating to Northampton’s past, present and future. I will be considering who uses the space which will range from local residents (adults and children), students, tourists, local businesses and schools.

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