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Where will you find an Urban Room in the UK?

The Building Centre – London Urban Room

The Building Centre in London is an excellent example of a long established, permanent Urban Room that has been promoting innovation and quality within the built environment since 1931.

The centre piece and one of the key features of the space is a 1:2000 scale model of the whole of central London. It is a very interactive exhibition that provides touch screens that provide information on buildings and major infrastructure projects. This shows the public key areas of change within development and shows the scale of proposed developments in London.

I have actually visited this Urban Room two or three times and it has been executed really well. It provides a great amount of interaction with the public to keep them informed and give them an insight into the developments within London.

For me, this is the best example of an Urban Room and in designing the Urban Room Northampton, I hope to achieve something that would reflect this on a much smaller scale.

Blackburn is Open – Urban Room Blackburn

Blackburn became the first town to open an Urban Room that has a pop up space based in the Blackburn is Open shop in October 2014. The Urban Room aims to become a debate centre about the future planning of Blackburn while also looking at how it has changed and the existing historic fabric of the town.

The programme of events consists of exhibitions, workshops, seminars and films relating to Blackburn.

Other Urban Rooms…

Sheffield “Live Works – Sheffield Urban Room

Newcastle University Urban Room


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