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Why We Should Preserve and Re-Purpose Our Disused Power Stations


As I am becoming interested in how industrial architecture can be home to less industrial spaces, I would like to show a few quick examples of how power stations can be converted into something new and can look beautiful on the skyline. These are some of my favourites.

Examples of Converted Power Stations

Tate Modern – London

Baltimore Power Plant – USA

Lots Road Power Station – London

In my opinion, it is a shame that more unused buildings such as power stations are not being reused and re-purposed. It is sad that instead they are being demolished and replaced with new buildings, it seems like such an unsustainable and uneconomical approach which is a complete waste if the buildings are structurally sound. It would seem that they get destroyed because they are considered ugly buildings. I think that power stations can be really interesting structures that can be beautiful, so I think that they should used more for alternative purposes.

Unused Power Stations

Battersea Power Station – London

In the event that any London influencers are looking at my post or maybe someone from London Council, please do not let Battersea power station go to waste, this building could be used for many purposes and look amazing from the exterior and the interior. I am pleased to hear that there are rumours that there will be upcoming development plans for the power station and it would be great if they were true and the building will be preserved.

Some of these ideas can be viewed on the Dezeen website, some of them are amazing:

I would like to do a more detailed post in the future about power stations that have been reused and re-purposed so that I can analyse each one thoroughly and describe in detail how each one is now used. Hopefully we can have a look at some of their interior design as well. And hopefully through research I will have some good news on Battersea Power Station when I find out which of the development plans is true as there are so many on so many different websites. So keep a look out if this is something that interests you.

I would love to hear from all of you in the comments box.

Do you think that disused power stations should be given a new purpose?

What do you think about the visual impact of our converted power stations?

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