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Workbridge – Northampton

Today I visited Workbridge in Northampton to look at the ceramic slip casting work shop as inspiration for my project. I collected information about the equipment needed and the process of making ceramics. I found this very interesting as I have done some ceramics work in the past.


The concept of Workbridge is something that would be good to consider in my project. Workbridge offers work shops for people with learning disabilities, brain injuries and mental health issues. I think that when designing the space at Delapre Abbey, I should consider a social enterprise aspect to it that might include work shops for people with learning disabilities etc. Additionally my design will be inclusive design so that everyone can access the spaces.

“Workbridge is a charity with a difference, set up over 30 years ago to offer a vocational pathway for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities or brain injuries. We provide people with opportunities to gain skills and build confidence.” (Workbridge).

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